Stefanie Rembiszewski

About SeR Grafic design

My name is Stefanie E Rembiszewski (Initials "SER") and I am an eCommercial Service Lead by day and a musician at night/on weekends. I've always been told that my creative juices are flowing. I used them in my past job: 16 years as a corporate Marketing Manager. I used them for years when I was a Cub Scout Den Mom. And I continue to use them to design and play the violin; I am a concert violinist, violin teacher and "fiddler" in a contemporary Christian band. 

VISION & Philosophy

I love to shop online and surf the web. I spend hours every week looking for "just the right item". Sometimes I'm shopping for myself - sometimes for gifts. Either way - I usually have a vision of what is "perfect". If I can't find it, I design it myself. I think everyone should have that opportunity - and I want to make it easy for you!

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